A Cappella Production

As a producer I have worked on several critically acclaimed projects including:

Drive All Night – OneVoice

Read the review in RARB.

4.7/5 – RARB

One of the most unified releases in contemporary a cappella; a lovingly assembled collage

– Jonathan Minkoff (RARB.org)

CARA Winner for Best High School Album, and Best High School Song, Nominated for Best Professional Arrangement (“Dream On”) – 2015

Louder – The Funx


CARA Runner-Up for Best Pop/Rock Album, Nominated for Best Pop/Rock Song (“Heaven”) – 2015

“Save It For Another Day” selected for SING X (2013)

“Heaven” selected for SING 11: One Louder (2014)

“Sing” selected for Voices Only Forte IV (2015)

Breakdown! – Ithacappella

Read the review in RARB.

5/5 – RARB

“Ithacappella’s Breakdown! is the best collegiate a cappella album I’ve ever heard, period.”

– Andrew DiMartino (RARB.org)

“If there is a unifying voice here, it belongs to Robert Dietz. As the producer, he has chosen his mixers well.”

– Michael Marcus (RARB.org)

CARA Nominations for Best Male Collegiate Album, Best Male Collegiate Solo, and Best Collegiate Song – 2010

“Closer” selected for Best Of High School A Cappella (BOCA) 2010

Turn It Up – Ascending Height

Read the review in RARB.

4.3/5 – RARB

“This is a CD of memorable, meaningful musical moments. This kind critique is the same recently given to Take 6. That’s just unheard of at the high school level.”

– Jonathan Minkoff (RARB.org)

“Turn it Up…has got to be the single best high school a cappella album ever…EVER!”

– Dave Brown (Mouthoff)

CARA Winner for Best High School Album, Best High School Song – Nominated for Best Scholastic Original Song – 2006

“Step” selected for Best Of High School A Cappella (BOHSA) 2006

Ten – Premium Blend


“An extremely strong release…boasting creativity, passion, and a lot of elegant singing. ”

– Christopher Diaz (Mouthoff)

CARA Nomination for Best Collegiate Female Arrangement – 2009

Some clips from albums I’ve produced

Why do I need a producer?

Read the column I wrote on this very topic for CASA.org.

As a producer, it’s my job to help you define the sound and vision of your album to make it the very best that it can be. Once we define a vision together, I can work with you on all the details necessary to execute the album – from coaching singers in the studio to making choices about your mix engineers.

My background as a producer comes from years of vocal training, practice, and of critical a cappella listening as a reviewer for both RARB and CASA. I have a large base of experience in all different types of a cappella music, and I can use that experience in many different production capacities to help you optimally plan and execute your album.

My rates vary depending on my level of involvement with the project, so please contact me if you’re interested in having me involved with the production of your album!