Choral and Solo Vocal Compositions

Out of my background as a contemporary a cappella arranger came my interest in writing for chorus and solo voice. I’ve been an avid classical singer all my life, and during my time in college I decided to branch out from arranging contemporary songs and into writing original pieces for chorus and solo voice. Just a few years later I’ve had the honor of working with individuals and groups from all over the country, writing new commissioned works for ensembles of all sizes in many languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

In each of my pieces I try to use the best practices of traditional choral writing hand-in-hand with a modern harmonic sensibility. I hope to appeal to contemporary audiences, while paying homage to the great composers of the past. Most importantly though, I strive to write pieces that will be a fun challenge for singers, and will better help them connect with their audiences.

Here are some of my compositions:

Wade In The Water (Traditional Spiritual) – For the Ithaca College Men’s Chorus (Ithacappella)

Lay Me Down (An Original Gospel Blues) – For Ithaca College’s Premium Blend

Sill Here (Poetry by Langston Hughes) – For The Treble Choir of Marblehead High School

The above pieces are all available for purchase, along with many of my other compositions! I’m also available to write brand new commissioned works in any style for ensembles of all voicings and sizes. For more information, please contact me.

Click here to see a list of some of my other choral work
, along with information about each piece.