Composition Library

Along The Way
For SATB Choir, A Cappella
An original poem, with music inspired by Traditional Celtic melody.

Canção do Exílio (Exile Song)
For SAB Choir, Piano, and Percussion
Poetry by Gonçalves Dias, “”Canção do exílio” is one of the most famous poems in Brazilian literature. The majority of my setting uses a Samba rhythm, but I borrowed from another Brazilian rhythmic formula, the Baião for the bridge section.
Commissioned for the Plymouth Regional High School Chorus under the direction of Will Gunn.

Dona Nobis Pacem
For SATB Choir (with Baritone solo), and Guitar

A peaceful, secularly minded setting of the “Dona Nobis” text from the Roman Catholic Mass. The piece begins with a Baritone solo, backed by an a cappella chant. The guitar entrance for the B section creates a kind of ostinato loop as the chorus comes in part by part on top of it. The end returns to the chant figure.

Commissioned for The Marlborough High School A Cappella chorus under the direction of Shannon Phypers.

Down To The River
For Double Choir, A Cappella with Soprano solo

A traditional Appalachian song with a twist. Inspired by a night of singing with a choir from Ireland, this setting incorporates traditional Irish folk singing elements. The piece is intended to be a processional, with the Soprano soloist beginning alone onstage and calling the rest of the choir to prayer.

For SATB Choir and Piano

An original Spanish poem based on the old adage “good things come to those who wait,” supported by a piano part written with contemporary harmony in mind.

He And She
For Soprano Soloist with Piano Accompaniment

Poetry by William Butler Yeats. Set to reflect the nervous trembling of the narrator as she sits beside her new lover in the darkness for the first time.

Her Voice Could Not Be Softer
For TTBB Choir, A Cappella

Poetry by Austin Clarke. A dense, colorful piece inspired by the music of Eric Whitacre.

Lay Me Down
For A Cappella Treble Choir

Written to fit into a set of mostly radio music. Inspired by the music of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and borrowing conventions and imagery loosely from the Gospel Blues tradition.

Commissioned for Ithaca College’s Premium Blend.

Lekhah Dodi
For Solo Baritone with Piano Accompaniment

A traditional Hebrew prayer from the Friday night Shabbat service welcoming the symbolic Sabbath Queen.

Manx Lullaby
For Solo Baritone and Marimba, and also
For TTBB chorus

A Traditional Manx folk song (from the Isle of Man).

Mi Shebeirach
For SATB Choir and Piano

A Hebrew prayer for healing.

For SAB Choir, Piano, and Cello

Inspired by the work of Jim Papoulis. A piece for intermediate choir with a featured cello accompaniment that promotes ideals of self-respect.

Still Here
For SSAA choir and Piano, and also
For SATB choir and Piano

Poetry by Langston Hughes. A piece with elements of both Gospel and Pop music throughout, and an a cappella intro and bridge that will provide a nice challenge to intermediate ensembles.

Commissioned for the Marblehead High School Treble Choir under the direction of Amanda Roeder.

This Little Light of Mine
For SAB Choir and Piano

A fun, simple piece for advanced beginning or intermediate chorus. Based on the Traditional folk melody by Harry Dixon Loes.

Commissioned by the Southern Cayuga Middle School Choir under the direction of Greg Harris.

Together Today
For SATB chorus, Piano, and String Quartet

Poetry by Max Igleheart. A sweeping meditation on music supported by legato strings.

Commissioned for the Mixed Chorus of Marblehead High School under the direction of Amanda Roeder.

Wade In The Water
For TTBB Chorus, A Cappella

A Contemporary setting of the Traditional Spiritual Melody. Designed to fit into a set of mostly Contemporary radio music.

We Are
For TTBB Chorus, A Cappella

Text from Psalm 144:4, which I discovered as part of the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur. The piece is a chant melody, harmonized with contemporary progressions. The bridge features a contrasting section of harmony inspired by the work of Eric Whitacre.

Commissioned for the Young Men’s Chorus of Ithaca under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Haywood.