Contemporary A Cappella Music is a fast-growing art form, the practice of which combines many traditional elements of music into a brand new, unique skill set. While learning these individual base elements (such as music theory, performance practice, and vocal pedagogy) is important for anyone interested in advancing their abilities, there are few teachers out there with experience specific to Contemporary A Cappella who can help guide those interested in applying these various disciplines to the medium.

That’s where I come in! Looking to improve your arranging? How about your vocal percussion? Does your group need ideas for how to better organize rehearsal time? Could you use some tips on how to increase your performance energy? I can offer tips, tricks and guidance in all those areas and more.

I have worked with individuals and groups at festivals all over the USA, Canada, and Asia including presentations at SoJam, LA-AF, SingStrong, BOSS, the SOMA lecture series, and the Waterloo A Cappella clinic! I offer lessons in person, or from anywhere in the world via Skype for reasonable rates.

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