The Down Under Sessions

The Downunder Sessions

The Story

The Down Under Sessions is like a giant scrapbook. Instead of covering just one year, or even a single chapter in my life, this album draws from experiences I had all the way back to my very beginnings as a songwriter. The oldest song was written when I was 16, the newest when I was 23. Each one is the snapshot of a particular moment or phase of my life, both as a person and as a writer. I’m thrilled to finally be able to share those snapshots with you!

The Concept

The name comes from the fact that this album was recorded in my bedroom in Sydney, Australia where I lived for half a year after college. I made a choice to limit myself as an arranger to only sounds I could create with my voice, my guitar, and things I found in my room. I put no limits on how many sounds could be layered, but if I couldn’t do it in my room it isn’t on there!

The Genesis

All these songs may have well remained unrecorded were it not for an unfortunate twist of life. Within a month of arriving in Australia I received news that my mom, who had been in cancer remission for a year, needed to go back to treatment. I had been much closer to home during her first round of chemotherapy, and I wanted to find a way to send her some love and support from the other side of the world. Walking home one day it hit me – I could send her music. That afternoon I sat down to record the first song for this album, and decided that from then on I would record and send a new song home for each round of therapy. Six rounds, six songs!

In that way, The Down Under Sessions became a sort of therapy for me too – a way to create something positive out of a bad situation, and a way in which to use that situation to reflect on how life has transformed my understanding of my own music. Listening now, it’s a constant reminder to me of how powerfully healing music can be, and how lucky I am to have music in my life!

I hope you enjoy the album! For now it’s free, with the option to name your price if you’d like! Just hit “Buy Now” and enter $0 to get it free.