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the product consists of expander, sleeve with supporting core, stripper, hook knife and spatula. the plastic part is made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (abs) pa-747, and the metal part is made of 420j2 stainless steel.

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1、endoscopic carpal tunnel release (ctr) therapies, for pressure on the median nerve releasing and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms relieving
2、minimized incision compared to open ctr
3、to be associated with minimal pain and scarring due to minimal incision, a shortened recovery period and a high level of patient satisfaction productdescription
lrk01 dilatoro.d.6mm,dilatoro.d.7mm,slottedcannulao.d.6mm,slottedcannulao.d.7mm,probeknife,hookknife,dissector
lrk02 dilatoro.d.6mm,dilatoro.d.7mm,slottedcannulao.d.7mm,probeknife,hookknife,dissector
lrk03 dilatoro.d.7mm,slottedcannulao.d.7mm,probeknife,hookknife,dissector
lrk04 dilatoro.d.6mm,slottedcannulao.d.6mm,probeknife,hookknife,dissector