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the micro catheter is intended use for the infusion of contrast media, medicine or embolic material into neuro vasculatures or peripheral vasculatures, also intended for angioplasty stent placement.

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1、dual radiopaque marker band visualizes during the positioning and measuring at lesion.
2、liquid embolic compatible (dmso, onyx, nbca). shaping mandrel comes within the package.
3、rounded tip for atraumatic smooth catheter advancement. 0.015”/0.017”/0.021”/0.027” id for various interventional devices delivery.
4、flexible bending at the distal tip. distal kind-resistant bending radius<1mm.
5、reshapeable tip capable of good shape retention. pre-shaped tips available upon requests: 45°/90°angled or “j” tip.
6、hybrid of braided and coiled catheter body provides 1:1 torqueability throughout the catheter and flexible bending at its distal tip.

ref no.distal o.d.proximal o.d.i.d.
ph-mc-01-010.50 1.50.782.40.015150single/dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-01-020.682.10.782.40.017150single/dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-01-030.822.40.922.70.021150single marker
ph-mc-01-040.962.80.962.80.027150single marker
ph-mc-02-010.50 1.50.782.40.015155dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-02-020.682.10.782.40.017155dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-02-030.822.40.922.70.021155single marker
ph-mc-02-040.962.80.962.80.027155single marker
ph-mc-03-010.50 1.50.782.40.015160dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-03-020.682.10.782.40.017160dual markers 3cm apart
ph-mc-03-030.822.40.922.70.021160single marker
ph-mc-03-040.962.80.962.80.027160single marker